Diverse ‎– Terror Tales A Tribute To Death SS (4LP boks)

Limited edition inkl. 4 vedlegg og hefte. 

Varenummer: BWR 213

Sjanger: Heavy Metal, Doom Metal

År: 2018

A1 Sigh (2) Feat. Steve Sylvester- Violet Ouverture 2:02
A2 Denial Of God- Terror 6:55
A3 Watain- Chains Of Death 6:15
A4 Evil Spirit (2)- Horrible Eyes 8:08
B1 Anael- Black Mummy 6:56
B2 Dark Quarterer- Scarlet Woman 6:27
B3 Varego- Cursed Mama 4:19
B4 Doomraiser- The Night Of The Witch 5:54
C1 The Mugshots (2) Feat. Mortiis- In The Darkness 5:03
C2 Bulldozer (2)- Murder Angels 4:06
C3 Bleeding Fist- Black And Violet 3:37
C4 Deathless Legacy- Baphomet 4:36
C5 L'Impero Delle Ombre- Vampire 5:54
D1 Black Oath- The Seventh Seal 8:20
D2 Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus- The Shrine In The Gloom 8:47
D3 Forgotten Tomb- Where Have You Gone? 3:34
D4 Nokturnal Mortum- Family Vault 4:38
E1 Northwinds- Lilith 6:59
E2 Hell Obelisco- Death 5:15
E3 Trevor And The Wolves- Panic 6:06
E4 Il Segno Del Comando- Another Life 4:43
F1 Vampyromorpha- Agreement With The Devil 4:17
F2 Blue Dawn- Zombie 8:05
F3 Hall Of Glass- Devil's Graal 5:33
F4 Nibiru (9)- Schizophrenic 7:06
G1 Kaledon- Let The Sabbat Begin 4:30
G2 Shadows Of Steel- Heavy Demons 4:06
G3 Procession (3)- The Darkest Night 4:27
G4 Damnation Gallery- Cannibal Queen 5:10
G5 Epitaph (9)- The Bones And The Grave 8:04
H1 Void Moon (2)- Dionysus 5:14
H2 Witches Of Doom- King Of Evil 5:43
H3 Megatherium- Ogre's Lullaby 5:40
H4 Slap Guru- Profanation 5:34
H5 Space God Ritual- Black Mummy 6:27

kr 850,00